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ATI’s Pre & Primary Teacher Training Course has become very popular and is available as an Online and a correspondence course. Since teaching young learners don’t require specialized qualification in any subject, American TESOL Institute has kept the eligibility criteria low to make it possible for aspirants to sign up for the course easily. Anyone with a Secondary or a Higher Secondary qualification is eligible to enroll in the Pre & Primary Teacher Training Course.

This course trains aspirants all the know-how, technique and skills required for teaching English. Since most schools in India and abroad use English as the primary language of instruction, ATI has incorporated Teaching English as a Second Language to Young Learners in its PPTTC curriculum. It is easier for teachers or aspirants, who are fluent in English to enroll in this course.

Furthermore, ATI believes that a strong passion is required especially when it comes to teaching children. It requires immense compassion and understanding to deal with young children and educate them. Aspirants interested in teaching kids must consider that patience, motivation and confidence play a huge role in educating them. Aspirants considering enrolling in the Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training Course must first analyze whether they have the passion required to teach children.