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Distance Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course

The Distance Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course is divided into many phases and modules. After the completion of each module, the trainee is given a set of assignments to complete in a given timeframe. Each assignment is completed and sent to the tutors for evaluation. After evaluation of each module, the tutor sends the feedback to the trainee within seven to ten days and the trainee is allowed to start with the next module. After the successful completion of all the modules, the trainee is provided with two months to research on a particular topic related to teaching young learners and write a thesis based on it. The thesis is sent for a final evaluation and based on the feedback, the candidate is awarded with a Diploma Certification in Pre & Primary Teachers Training Program.

The term ‘Distance’ is not mentioned on the certification thereby, providing the same value to the certification as its onsite counterparts. The Diploma in Distance Pre & Primary Teacher Training program like other Diploma Courses offered by ATI, is associated with the International Montessori Council, International Montessori Society, USETTA, iLEARN, USDLA, Central Florida TESOL, Georgia Department of Education, 'Interpark Communications', Talkbean etc, which are leading international educational bodies and their affiliations have helped raise the standard and quality of these courses. Therefore, the Diploma granted by ATI is extremely significant and carries a lot of value.

Job prospects for PPTTC Diploma certified teachers are very high in Montessori, Kindergartens, pre-schools, primary schools and crèche.

Online Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course

The Online Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course is divided into eight phases and takes about 120 hours to complete. At the end of each phase, a trainee is given assignments to complete and submit in a specified timeframe. These assignments are evaluated by the tutors and the feedback is provided to the trainees so that they can rectify their mistakes and improvise their skills. Upon successful completion of all phases and subsequent assignments, the trainees are assigned two months to research on a project work related to teaching young learners and write a thesis on. The thesis is then sent for the final evaluation. Upon final evaluation based on the overall performance of a candidate, the Diploma certification is rewarded to him or her.

The best part of the certification is that the term ‘Online’ is not mentioned anywhere on the certificate and thus, holds the same weightage and value as its onsite counterpart. This entire course costs Rs. 10000/225 USD. Residents residing outside India need to pay an additional amount of 25 USD as Diploma Dispatchment fee.

ATI’s Online Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course is recognized and accredited worldwide. ATI works with a lot of placement agencies and schools and teachers with this certification find it easy to get teaching jobs in pre-primary and primary schools all over the world very easily. Anyone with an internet connection can sign up for this course and get the certification and get access to teaching jobs in India and abroad.